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An Naer | An Naer Produksion

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An Naer Produksion

An Naer

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L'équipe de An NaerAN NAER PRODUKSION started music production in 1996 with the CD DIBENN, since then 15 albums have been produced.
Several elements have enabled AN NAER productions to win over a selective public : the Company editorial policy which has been decided by a dedicated team, the uncommon format (bilingual Breton-French and even multilingual texts, quality photos).
A great number of press articles (Libération, Ouest France, Le Télégramme, Ar Men, Celtics, Trad Mag...) along with numerous awards (Du-mañ Du-se prize, Produit en Bretagne prize, Coop Breizh prize...), confirm AN NAER label’s position within the Breton music world.

Anv ar broduksion : AN NAER PRODUKSION
Anviou tud e-karg : Gwenael HENRY / Henri PRIGENT
Chomlec'h : Toull al Lann Kod : 22740 Ker : LEZARDREV
Pellgomz : 02 96 222 839
Pelleier : 02 96 222 839
mail : gwen@an-naer.com
lec'h internet : www.an-naer.com

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